Client Spotlight: My Virtual “I do”

Some of you may have seen our client, attorney Matt Haicken in the news recently.  Not due to a case,  but because he got married via zoom on live TV!

Matt started his own personal injury law firm in 2015, after 8 years of working for others, his info can be found below.  After 3+ years of part-time paralegals, (including his mother!) Matt hired his first full-time employee in 2019.  It was then that he turned to us for a comprehensive group employee health plan.

As legislation surrounding personal injury is always lurking, many personal injury lawyers are active in political fundraising.  Matt is no exception.

That’s where he met his wife, Julie Raskin.  Julie was helping raise money for a former business school classmate, 2018 Congressional candidate Liuba Shirley.  Matt got an email about the fundraiser, saw that it was for a Democrat, and started “e-stalking” Julie.  Fundraising quickly turned into dating and Matt proposed December of 2019.  A wedding was planned for August 2020, but the pandemic certainly complicated the event.

At the end of April, Julie saw a tweet from her favorite anchorman, Pat Kiernan, saying that he was a wedding officiant, and was interested in marrying a couple via zoom on live TV.  The rest is history.

Although the courts are shutdown, Matt continues to pay his paralegal’s salary, and most importantly for us, her health insurance premiums!

While many firms have cut staff, salaries and health benefits, Matt refuses, saying that his way is just “the right thing to do”.

Congratulations Matt and Julie!  Matt, here’s to many more years of happiness and business success, which will hopefully lead to your hiring many more employees who need health insurance.

You can watch the ceremony here: My virtual “I do”

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