Bringing Your Employees Safely Back to Work

Are you an employer who is about ready to re-open or have you already reopened?  We are hearing from employers who are reopening, some concerns such as:

  1. Employees not feeling safe to return to work
  2. Employers who work with the general public and working on the implementation of safety precautions
  3. Employers working to ensure they don’t have an outbreak in their workforce

We have found a solution for employers who are looking for a tool to bring their employees back to work and to focus on maintaining a safe work environment.  The program is broken down into three parts:

  1. Employee Testing: COVID 19 Testing and antibody testing
  2. Ongoing Monitoring: daily screening and referrals to telemedicine evaluations & additional COVID19 testing, as needed
  3. Workplace Guidelines: updates to recommendations from both the Medical Community and State and Federal Guidelines.

There are three program tiers:

Tier 1: COVID19 Testing/Anti-body testing/ongoing monitoring/workplace guidelines (for employers with 25 or more employees)

Tier 2: COVID19 Testing/ongoing monitoring/workplace guidelines (for any sized employer)

Tier 3: Ongoing monitoring/workplace guidelines (for any sized employer)

For more details, please contact

Rob Bujan, Managing Director (917) 514-9462

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