Will your 2017 tax return be returned by the IRS because of your health insurance?

From Managing Director of SDL + GHS, Rob Bujan’s Blog, ‘Pulling the plug on Healthcare in the US’

“When you took a test in school and you didn’t know an answer, or you just didn’t feel like answering the question, you might have skipped it.  In school, that question would have been marked wrong, but more than likely, your teacher still accepted the test.

Well, the IRS is not a teacher and we live in a whole new world today.

The IRS has recently announced that when filing your income taxes you can no longer be silent on the question of whether or not you have had health insurance during the tax year.  Read more about this here.   If you skip this question, you will not be able to file your taxes.  So – prepare now to answer the question – whether it be yes or no, they want to know and they are going to make a point of having you tell them.

Make sure to note this when having a conversation with your accountant.

And while I normally don’t need to say this, I am not an accountant or a tax attorney, nor do I play one on television – this is my personal blog that I provide information gathered in my worldly & exotic travels as a benefits consultant.”

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