It’s October 30, 2017, Do you know if your children are covered?


Work on CHIP re-authorization has resumed in the House and in the Senate this week, but rather than a clean re-authorization bill, the House has proposed raising Medicare costs for some seniors and dipping into the ACA’s prevention fund to pay for the re-authorization.  All of which potentially derail the chances for a bipartisan agreement on CHIP anytime soon.  Several states are expected to exhaust their funding before the end of 2017.  Call your Representatives and tell them to re-authorize #CHIP as is, let’s not put our children in jeopardy.

From Rob Bujan, Managing Director of SDL + GHS, blog,  Pulling the plug on Healthcare in the US:

“Growing up, we would hear that PSA, “It is 10PM, do you know where your children are?” I was always in front of the TV and wondered what children are out at 10PM????

Well – it is October 27th, 27 days past the expiration of the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which funding should have been renewed by September 30.

Well, not only has Congress managed to instill a level of fear and panic in the actuarial world of insurance in 2017, they also let our children down. What used to be an assumed renewal of funding has turned into finger pointing & partisan excuses on both sides of the aisle.

And who loses, not Congress – they get their coverage through their state exchange.


What happens if we don’t renew?

I don’t need to have children to know that this is absolutely unacceptable to put any child in danger of losing access to their healthcare. Not just the ability to see a doctor if they have a sore throat, but what about that 9-month-old in the Neo-Natal ICU? What happens to her? What about the newborn, born with a life-threatening illness?

Is it worth the DC power trip to put any child at risk? I don’t think so. This should be a guaranteed yes vote, with no string attached, no pork, no hesitation.

If they would take healthcare away from a child, what would they take away from an adult?”

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