5 July 2017,

Is the Senate’s BCRA bill destined for the same future as the T-Rex? 


By Rob Bujan 


My recent months have been filled with live town halls around New York State (someone has to do live town halls, right??) – to bring the updates of Repeal and Replace to employers, employees, and individuals concerned about their healthcare.


Now that the Senate has released their secret bill, and in less than a week – the bill doesn’t seem to have enough votes to pass on the floor.  Conservatives think it too expensive and moderates think it’s too heavy handed in gutting Medicaid. There is talk about trying to sway some bi-partisan support to garner the votes.

The majority of the Senate, democrats & republicans, were not included in the negotiations. And the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) came out with The CBO scoring and their message is just as gloomy as it was for the House bill. While reducing the federal budget by $321 billion, it will increase the uninsured by 22 million.  

To learn more about what BCRA (Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017) is, we have a good chart that compares the current ACA, the AHCA (House Bill) & BCRA below: 

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