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We are heading into an unprecedented era of Government regulation and financial liability for employers.” The list of agencies enforcing just the Affordable Care Act includes the IRS, HHS, DOL, CMS and EEOC, to “alphabetically name” a few. Notably, the DOL and the IRS have a formal agreement to share information.

Recognizing this, Group Health Solutions has invested in a resource to assist clients with understanding, not just what’s coming out of Washington, D.C., but State laws as well.  Even companies with fully staffed HR departments are having trouble keeping up. Here is the bottom line, the Government needs to raise revenue to pay for the ACA, which means audits will increase. Most employers are at risk, It’s simple as that.

ThinkHR Comply – An award-winning resource center for all of your workforce and compliance issues

ThinkHR Compliance Calendar with pre-populated key compliance dates and reminders

ThinkHR Learn – which gives you the power to curate, administer, track and report on employee training programs

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Combined with our relationship with TASC to provide a package of FMLA/ERISA/HIPAA/COBRA we are able to provide a compliance package to give our clients piece of mind.

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